What you need to know about the Smiths Falls Public Library’s temporary closure and relocation

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The Smiths Falls Public Library is moving to a temporary location, and has received lot of questions surrounding this move; as a result, the library put together a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

The last day at the old location (81 Beckwith Street North) will be Saturday, Dec. 9, and they will reopen at 30 Russell Street East on Dec. 20. This move is to enable important renovations to be done.

The following Q&A was put together by the Smiths Falls Public Library, with some sections edited for clarity.

1.What books will be available in the temporary location?

The library will start out with a bit more than one tenth of the current collection and will be adding new titles throughout the year. There will be a good selection of recent and popular works but there will not be access to older, lesser-used titles.

2.Will there by any changes to e-resources?

The library plans to increase spending on Libby to provide customers with greater access to electronic titles more quickly. Hoopla limits will remain unchanged. They’ll be keeping all of other current databases.

3.What if I want to read a book that isn’t available at the temporary location?

Limits will be suspended on interlibrary loan (ie: books that come from other libraries) requests. Much more staff time will be dedicated to acquiring these titles for customers. “Please don’t hesitate to ask for what you’re looking for,” says a release from the library. “While it’s not instantaneous, we are able to fulfill the vast majority of titles requested through interlibrary loan.”

4.What programs will be available in the temporary location?

Smaller programs will be necessary given the smaller space (eg. story times). “We will need to be strict about pre-registration given the space constraints,” reads the release. The library is planning to hold some bigger events off-site during the summer.

5.How long do you expect to be in the temporary location?

They’re planning to be in the temporary location for up to one year but the hope is that it may be closer to 10 months.

6.Will your hours be the same?


7.Will the smaller location have any impact on staffing levels?

Overall, it won’t. The major exception is that they only plan on having one summer student. “We will have a scaled-down TDSRC this summer and no one-on-one tutoring,” says the release.

8.Will there be a place to study in the temporary location?

Space will be limited. There will be tables that can be used for this purpose most of the time but they won’t be very private. “We’re very sorry for this inconvenience but space really is limited in the temporary location,” says the library.

9. Is the temporary location accessible?

Yes. There is a ramp at the back door of the building with an accessible door button to let yourself in. There’s also a fully-accessible washroom available.

10.Why will you be closed from December 11 to 19?

This time is needed to pack, move and organize. A goodbye event is planned for the children’s space on Dec. 19.

11.Where can I return my books when you’re between locations?

The book drop will be accessible. However, no items will be due between Dec. 9 and Dec. 20 so please hold onto items until they reopen at the temporary location if at all possible.

12. Will there be a book return at the temporary location?

No. Please return items in-person if at all possible. The library is planning to move the book drop to the front of the current building to be able to continue receiving mail but staff is hoping most people won’t use it to return books as it is a bit of a distance for staff to walk with its contents.

13.Will used books be for sale at the temporary location?

No, as space is just too limited. However, some books have already been provided to the Friends of the Library for their annual book sale so be sure to come to that event!

14. Can I borrow books for the entire year?

No. “While we won’t be taking most older titles with us, we feel that a year is too long to have books unaccounted for,” reads the press release. W”hile we are fine-free, you will ultimately be billed for books that are not returned; they will be marked as lost.”

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