New $80,000 cruiser approved for Smiths Falls Police Service

The Smiths Falls Police Service will roll in a new 2025 Ford Explorer SUV into its fleet this year after getting approval from the Smiths Falls Police Services Board and the town council.

The Smiths Falls Police Service will get a new 2025 police cruiser for the price of a 2024.

Act. Chief Jodi Empey was at a special committee of the whole meeting of Smiths Falls town council on Monday, Jan. 29, where she asked council to approve the purchase of a new fully marked SUV cruiser.

The Smiths Falls Police Service will be upgrading one of their existing vehicles.

“Traditionally, we have been replacing one cruiser each year due to high cost of repairs, age,
and usefulness [to] our fleet,” Empey said. “The cruiser we are purchasing will be a fully marked 2024 Ford Explorer all-wheel drive SUV.”

The vehicle is purchased through the Provincial Police Cooperative at substantial savings. They honoured the price of a 2024 vehicle as they are now out of stock.

Empey said they must act fast as a new vehicle will take several months to get into service.

The total cost to purchase the vehicle, including additional specialized equipment and changeover costs, is approximately $80,000 including HST.

“It has gone up slightly from the quote in November 2023 but I’m confident it’s going to stay within that budget, or below, once we get it fully equipped.”

The vehicle will be replacing the police service’s oldest vehicle in the fleet — a 2017 Ford
Explorer. The intent would be to sell it at the auction that takes place in the spring, Empey noted.

The reason for pre-budget approval is there is a limited time to purchase police-purposed vehicles before the price increases. In addition, it takes several months to receive the vehicle, equip it, and put it into service, Empey said.

In selling off the older vehicle, the SFPS will strip off as much of the police equipment as they can to repurpose it, she said, and if they can put it into a new vehicle, they will.

Council fully supported the purchase of this vehicle by the SFPS.

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