Two charged at scene of Smiths Falls stabbing for unrelated incidents, investigation ongoing

Smiths Falls police

Smiths Falls police have charged two people at the scene a stabbing that took place on Friday, April 5, however the charges appear to not directly relate to the alleged assault.

In a media release, police say that on April 5, at approximately 10 p.m., officers responded to an apartment on Chambers Street regarding the stabbing of a 37-year-old male that was stabbed. He was taken to hospital in stable condition where he was treated for his injuries and released the following day.

At the scene, police arrested and charged 35-year-old Cody Laming for a breach of probation warrant, as well as breach of a release order; 38-year-old Kyle Neron, for Breach of a Release order in relation to unrelated outstanding charges. Neron was held in custody for a bail hearing.     

Charges have not been proven in court.

Acting chief of the Smiths Falls police service, Jodi Empey, clarified for Lanarkist that the suspects were in the apartment upon police arrival and were arrested for breaching release orders unrelated to the stabbing incident.

“I can confirm they are not suspects to the stabbing,” Empey said.

“The victim and other witnesses will not cooperate with police at this time, although there is a person of interest in relation to it,” she stated. “Investigation is continuing and that’s all we can release right now.”

Police say this was a targeted incident and there is no threat to public safety.

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